20th September, 2013


Hopeman, East Beach, a wonderful place to relax or to play. There’s a park for the kids, a skate park for the more adventurous, parking for the adults, and a coastal path all the way to Lossiemouth for the intrepid explorers.

If you go out of season, on a weekday, you’ll find a few residents walking their dogs and contractors taking the views whilst sitting in their vans eating their sandwiches.

You can also see a lot of birds if you time it right; we recorded over 20 species in less than an hour.


On the midsummer solstice the sun sets right between the two Daisy rocks. They were called Daisy rocks because they used to be surrounded by a carpet of Daisies before erosion took the dune system back and the grasslands away.


As the tide goes out there are plenty of rock pools for those junior wildlife explorers, and some interesting rock formations for geologists to wax lyrical about.


And something rarely seen in Scotland, more of an English phenomenon; the beach hut.


For more information on Hopeman see:


For the walk to Lossiemouth see:


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